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Zambrano Art

Meet the Artist: TONIA ZAMBRANO


A Denver native, I studied photography in my youth.  At twenty, I moved to San Francisco where I studied painting, philosophy, and anything else of interest.  Then I spent ten years on a tiny Caribbean island practicing the craft of painting, mixing colors, and stretching giant canvases (or is it canvi?).  After twenty years away I moved back home.   

Nowadays I paint, sculpt, write, cook, build, and live and love, in one of Denver's oldest neighborhoods.  Mediums include oil paint, metal leaf, photography, steel, glass, and a plethora of found objects.  (Nickname: Sanford).  Mostly I'm working on two or more pieces at a time, while thinking of many others.  I have written a few screenplays, and continue to work on a novel that is ten-plus years in the making.  It's truly about the journey.

Currently, I am experimenting with metalwork and finding great joy in deconstructing old computers and clocks for spare parts and I find making Steampunk works to be magical.  Beauty is found in almost everything I see and I can count on inspiration being part of my daily life.  I love what I do and I enjoy the creative process.  I am a dedicated artist, for what fun is life without art? 

Call or text for any inquires about existing pieces, or request a custom piece of artwork

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