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My Soul Is Like Water

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

My soul is like water

Water, the most ambitious force on the planet, always finds its way from one place to the next without loss of substance.  As a river it crosses the terrain of time, people, place. I gravitated toward the path of least resistance engaging with life.

My soul is like water.

I immersed with the obvious, or easiest, route because that’s where I flowed.  When a love left due to death, betrayal, or the conclusion of a relationship, it felt as though I was at the end of me, the end of everything I knew.  But even a trickle finds level ground.

My soul is like water.

Like the sea, my currents swelled, tides rose and fell, until my liquid soul met with the heart hardened shore.  At the end of the sweet slumber of love’s embrace the waves were at times violent, crashing and tumultuous; and sometimes they gently lapped over unbelievably soft sand.  I was led by wild seaweed hair and by salted tender hand, awakened, into the next level of consciousness.

My soul is like water.

In this moment I collect myself as a cold, unsullied high mountain lake.  Often I appear impenetrable, still, moody and black with depth; at other times as a pristine joyful reflection of a cloudless cerulean blue sky.  Next spring it will have been too long since touching another human, at which time one of the banks of this mountain top lake will thaw and once again I will flow.

My soul is like water.

It will be with conscious intention, not necessarily toward the path of least resistance, that a trickle becomes a creek, then a river that returns me to the sea.

Tonia Zambrano, 2019 ©

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